Achados bem divertidos

Peguei as dicas no Steamy Kitchen e resolvi repassar aqui. Achadinhos divertidos e gastronômicos que agradam muito.

  1. Great butchery videos from James Whelan
  2. Cheesecake stuffed strawberries from Savoring Today via Nutmeg Nanny!
  3. Such an awesome video found on Good Morning Good Night via Tasteologie. Take a look!
  4. One Minute Pie Dough from The Italian Dish!
  5. Bacon ‘n Eggs! from the Girl Who Ate Everything – Oh how adorable….bacon pretzels and marshmallow/yellow M&M candy eggs.
  6. Chai Snickerdoodles, anyone??!? from The Novice Chef
  7. Handmade rolling pins via the Kitchen from Vermont Rolling Pins.
  8. Dog Collars! Alejandra hand-makes these adorable dog collars! Coco is wearing hers proudly.
  9. Shower Curtain Village Play Mat – from Filth Wizadry. So fun!
  10. Instant free chip clips! – from Craftster via Pintrest
    Dollar store color pencils + photo printed on paper + glue! –This is an entire blog dedicated to crafting with dollar store finds!
Fonte original aqui

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