Letter for whom I loved

I was packing up some things here today and found some pictures of us . So much story on pages created by you in both time ago it seems that was a long time. I missed you , you know ? Are you being a good reminder of someone who was very important to me . A love that was love, yes , but it ended .

Ended and I cherish you with fondness in my writing , in my head , the way I learned to laugh with you. You took me from the monotony of a way too easy , and I suspected that was not planned. If you have a thing that I miss ,is your smile with a gap between the teeth.

You were my beautiful story and I want  will tell everyone . I will remember your name in the middle of the night and call you , if not uncomfortable , to have a conversation, but without that despair to want you back .

You know I still keep everything that was of us? Our love – already overcome  – knocks at the door like an old friend and I care about you. And the end of my day I wonder if you ‘re happy. Tell me , are you happy ?

If you did not, call me and come have a beer with me for sharing few confessions as two best friends. Because, I worry with you and I hope you are good, whenever.


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