In 2014 I will: turn off

You wake up and go to check in every corner notifications received . Every corner of your smartphone , I say . And neither opened his eyes to wake up right. This activity becomes a purpose : glances at the screen at your fingertips in minutes. The frequency increases with the importance of their publications and not intended to diminish anytime soon. And you slide the screen as data became augmented reality. Since when did you come to live inside your iPhone – or any other phone model that has ?

It’s sad to realize their time in contact with the outside world turned into possibilities of records and are wasted each shot. In order to share with the world their individual performances , you forget to wake up in the morning and open your eyes to what is right in front . The daily entertainment and pleasure are displayed for static screens , and you forget the movement.
2.0 Emotions , translated into images , videos and shared with the world and forgotten by you . Or will you tell me who managed to enjoy the setting sun rather than exchange it for likes on Instagram ?

In exchange for what we do that? In exchange for the feeling of approval or connection with others and the disconnection of life ? Emotional pornography , I say . We transform all things into tiny pills and offer who follows in the virtual world, in order to tell them that we are happy , we eat well , we’re on the beach, the show are so great. Storytellers of life that are usually lost in it.

So I invite you to return to the world . A sensory experience of coexistence initiated by a single act : shut up . I know the excuses start popping , but just between us , you really need to check your email at lunch time or on holidays ? You need to narrate the life in real time and can not wait for later ? Take care of your moments as if they were his children , and I guarantee that the subsequent narrative will be more rich and full of detail that no picture could describe.

Enjoy the show, the band , the music festival that without raising your arms to transmit sounds that do not exist in pixels . Your memory works much better when you use your senses to translate what he saw , heard and felt . Look into the eyes of who’s with you and create ties in real life , not only in social networking webs . Assure that the bonds are stronger .

This is an exercise that I invite you to do. At least , try to open my eyes first to wake up and optimize my idle time in these networks . Trying to register less and live more . Just live less within your smartphone.


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