Will you be my friend in my dream?

I only ask shelter. Something that takes me away all the cold.

I just want that you stop and ask me how my day was and I really want to reply: It was good.

This is all can I say only.

I would like to meet you openly . Would take you to a room and hear their stories and paint you in my writings . Would outline a little of your eyes and dark circles and recognize their flaws on paper.

Can you paints me to give me life? Can you take me out of my room drab that just makes me a prisoner?

You do not know me , but I suppose we could be lovers. Or amateurs. Could also be friends and you can tell me about your life often to take me away from reality? We can send postcards and we live in this anxious waiting to receive answers . Promise me that you write me? Describes me and writes me on paper, scribbles me for a while for I feel that I ‘m not alone in the world . I exist and have an anchor like you to put my foot down .

I confess to you that I have a hidden basement within me . Time and again I visit this place to see if moisture has corroded beams, if exists the folds of the doors and cracks in the floor . But look, if you come I do my dark a beautiful place for you to visit me . I will clean everything and let the good stuff on the furniture and a picture frame of us . Need not come today or even tomorrow . Comes only one day.

Comes only one day. Just put your luggage at the door, boot foot into the house and takes care of me .


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