5 songs to listen in PMS

I’m the kind of type the girl that has a super PMS. Actually, part of my life is guided by my mood.

The days I have PMS I crying, I laugh, I fighting, I eat a lot, I cry again because I spent my day crying, eating, watching sad movies, writing a lot of dramas for my blog, then, when am so frustrated with myself I put some song loud in my headphones and I dance.

Does not matter how: barefoot, alone, happy, sad, crying,screaming, I just dance.

This means that am a bit crazy, but if you trust me you will figure out how that can help a lot in this day ( and all others too).

So, just give play in songs that you need for those days when you can not stop crying, eating or yelling at ones who deserves in the least.

1 – Shut up and let me go

2 – Kiss with a fist

3 – Uuu

4 – PMS Blues

5 – All by myself

What about you? Which songs you listen?


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